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Building Surveys

Building Surveys were formally known as Structural Surveys.

Building Surveys are the type of survey to have for older, larger, or unusual properties, where a detailed inspection and report is required. A Building Survey can however be carried out on any type property.

The survey report will describe the property, detail the defects discovered, and recommended course of action to remedy them. The report will also give advice on repair and maintenance work, and in some instances how the property could be improved and extended. The report will include a valuation, unless you do not wish one to be given.

My Building Surveys include photographs, on paper, and on CD, and the report refers to the various photographs, which show defects and points of interest. Where possible my report will also include an extract from the deeds showing a plan of the property, and other relevant information.

Building surveys are flexible in their content, and if you have special requirements these can be incorporated. If for instance you plan to extend or alter a property I can give an opinion as to whether this will be possible, and how it should be done. Should you purchase the property I can follow up by drawing up plans for your extension and alterations to the property.

In my opinion Chartered Building Surveyor's are the best qualified professionals to carry out Building Surveys, some firms use Valuation, General Practice, or even Agricultural Surveyors to carry out Building Surveys. I am a Chartered Building Surveyor, a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and Fellow of the Association of Building Engineers with 30 years experience.

Occasionally lenders, mortgage brokers, or estate agents, may offer to arrange a survey for you (this is rare as it can result in a sale falling through); this is best avoided as you may have no contact with the surveyor for him to advise on the best type of survey to have, or your requirements, and you may wonder if the surveyor is independent, or is there commission being earned by someone.

Typically a building survey would cost from 500 inclusive for an average house, up to 2,000 inclusive for a very large one. An economy version is available that does not include photographs, or a deed plan extract, for 50 less.