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Building Defects

The identification of defects, their cause and remedy is sometimes known as Building Pathology.

A house owner may be concerned about cracking to the walls of his house, wood rot or some other apparent defect, and want expert advice upon it, and what should be done about it.

A landlord may have a tenant who is complaining about damp, he may wish to know what is causing it and what to do about it so that he does not lose his tenant. There may be black mould in evidence, or water staining etc, that the house owner may wish to have an expert opinion upon.

A householder may have asked builders to inspect, and be convinced that none of them knew how to cure the problem, but were only looking for a job. The householder may wish to have an independent expert opinion, from someone who was not looking to get a building job.

I can inspect evidence of defects that the householder has noted, and give either a verbal report, or written report as required. My fee could be 150 inclusive, to inspect a single defect and give a verbal report, or 200 for a written report.

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