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Measured Survey

A householder may wish to have scale drawings of his house or garden, so that he can plan things that he would wish to do. I can carry out an inspection and measured survey, and produce scale plans for him to use.

My fee would depend upon the size and type work required, but typically might be 400 inclusive for an average house.


Before the building project can be designed, it is necessary to measure up any existing buildings, and land by undertaking a measured survey. From the survey it is possible to prepare scale drawings, which can form the basis of the design.

A measured survey will provide you with the peace of mind that what you are potentially buying or developing can be correctly quantified. A commercial property on sale with a retail floor space of 1,000 square feet for example needs to be accurately surveyed to ensure that you actually have 1,000 square feet of useable space. A measured survey can provide assurances in instances such as this and for any residential applications where you would be best placed to know exactly what you are paying for.