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Boundary Disputes

I am frequently asked to act as an expert regarding the position of boundaries.

Sometimes a householder wishes to put up a new fence, cut down the hedge, or trim hedge, and needs to know where the boundary is located.

Occasionally neighbours inadvertently, or by design, encroach onto the land owned by others, when they put up fences, or carry out building work, and an independent opinion or report is required. Frequently disagreements with regard to boundaries result in a dispute, and an expert report is required for court purposes.

I have on occasion been asked to give my opinion, produce plans and report showing where a boundary hedge and fenced was before they were removed.

I am often asked by property owners give my opinion, either informally, or in a report, as to the position of the boundary, to help avoid, or settle a dispute. Often I am asked to produce a plan or plans showing where I believe the boundaries are located.

Typically my fee for advising informally as to the apparent position of the boundary would be 150 inclusive, or 500 where there is more than one boundary to be considered and a report and plan is required.