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“For many years I have worked as a Chartered Building Surveyor in Cheshire. I have seen many local changes and have been involved in some significant developments where property is concerned. I also have been involved in many less significant developments where my customers have been homeowners looking to achieve basic planning permission or simply looking for assistance with the complexities of building regulations approval. Whether my work is extensive or simple I keep one thing absolutely clearly in focus - that is you, the customer, and the fact that you and your requirements come first.

In private practice I am not governed by large company politics, nor am I constrained by large company overheads. My offer therefore is a simple one:

I will ensure that I provide the very best advice on all aspects of property services of a wide range for homeowners and businesses alike. My range of services include homebuyer surveys and valuations, feasibility studies, building design, planning applications, building regulations approval, measured surveys, drawings, building specifications, construction monitoring, expert witness reports, boundary disputes, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax valuations, compulsory purchase reports and valuations, matrimonial valuations and Insurance valuations.

As my service covers three significant parts of the process when considering the development of property, namely: Condition, Value and Development, it’s my belief that I offer a thorough end to end service that is second to none and I’d be delighted to speak to you if you need a Chartered Building Surveyor in Cheshire”